Who we are

We are a Vermont based company that offers an array of cold brew coffee augmented with nootropic ingredients to help people reach their optimal potential.


Our nootropically enhanced coffee is designed as a convenient resource for improving concentration, stamina, and mental plasticity, while reducing stress and anxiety.


Our brew is made with beans specifically chosen to compliment the unique flavor of the cold brew variety while at the same time pairing with our special blend of nootropics. The beans are mixed with the nootropics using a proprietary rarifaction infusion method before being steeped for 24 hours. At that time we infuse all of our batches with nitrogen to give them a creamier flavor and smoother texture. All of our beans are sourced and roasted locally. 



Nootropics are supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that are associated with improving one or more aspects of mental function, such as working memory, motivation, or attention

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Plant Sourced

Located in Williston, Vermont.

Available for events, catering, farmers markets, music festivals.

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